Beauty Directing

As beauty director, we provide a team of beauty professionals for fashion events. In a nutshell, we basically take this whole task off of the hands of the producer, which allows them to focus on the many other aspects of the event. Hair and makeup is a vital part of production, and a show just isn't a show without it!

*Hand select a team of talented, experienced, beauty professionals. Aiding the client (boutique owners, designers, event producers, etc.) in selecting the perfect hair and makeup look that will bring the creative vision to life.

*Whether it be fun and flirty or vintage and glamorous, as the expert, I select the hair and makeup looks that best suit their needs. The look is then communicated to the team and executed Flawlessly the day of the event.

*But it doesn't stop there! We act as the liaison for the beauty professionals, always looking out for their best interest, so that they are enabled to do their best work. Making sure they have adequate space, lighting and accommodations. Also communicating all info and creating a run of show which will include call times, model arrival times, etc.

*Lastly, we make sure each artist gets adequate credit and access to photos of their work on the runway. Which is extremely important to them, as they are dedicating their time, products and talents to make the event a success.

For inquiries, contact us at: [email protected]